The Father Leader

The Father Leader

"This book has the power of an idea whose time has come! Phil Stern has captured the essence and tone of the Father's heart, who is turning the hearts of the fathers back to their children and the hearts of the children back to their fathers. Endowed with integrity, he and Linda hold in hand ten beautiful arrows prayerfully shaped, processed and destined to hit their mark. Many people can quote God our Father, but few sound like Him. Phil resonates with that certain sound. I am grateful to be called a father and mentor and to endorse yet another excellent book."
Moses Vegh, Ambassador of Hope to the Nations

"Men have been created by God to be father leaders, and the need for men to answer this call is of critical importance in this hour. This book gives clear instruction and releases a timely cry for the reformation of fatherhood. Phil Stern is truly a father leader whose years of experience releases a spiritual impartation that will help empower readers to rise up and lead-- not only as godly men but as fathers".
Curt Landry, House of David Ministries

About the Author

Phil Stern and his wife Linda reside in St. Louis, Missouri, and are the parents of ten children. Their children have a passion to serve the Lord with their lives. Phil was born and raised in Africa while his parents served on the mission field. He then went into ministry in the early seventies and served as a pastor for 30 years. During that time, Phil and Linda pioneered Destiny Church of St. Louis where their oldest son is currently the Lead Pastor. Phil now spends his time helping to build local churches, mentoring pastors, building leaders and traveling in the United States and abroad speaking and working with missions. Having been in over 50 nations, he carries a passion for the world. He and Linda also conduct parenting seminars teaching parents how to raise healthy families.


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