About Link Ministries


Link Ministries is continuing to grow and expand. My wife Linda and I are excited about 2012 and all it holds with expansion of the Kingdom of God. Get ready for new things!  As we move forward, we continue to build the branches of link, which are:

PROACTIVE PARENTING  seminars help families raise godly families. We also have the CD and Workbook series so it can go further and help more families.  Check out our resource page to see how you can order your copy today.

THE CONSULTING LINK is the market place wing of Link Ministries.  We offer spiritual covering to business leaders as well as helping to build their businesses into a Christ Centered business. Through this wing we offer Chaplin ministry to businesses as well. This is where we help to bring wholeness to the individual in the marketplace.  The consulting wing also coaches and helps pastors with their ministries, building programs and vision. 

FEED THE FORGOTTEN is our missions and humanitarian extension. We feed widows, orphans and lepers in third world countries.  This is a very exciting part of Link Ministries as we reach out beyond our borders. 

WEEKEND MINISTRY & CHURCH PLANTING is also a main part of what we are.  Both myself and my wife Linda have been in the full time ministry for over 35 years.  I move in an apostolic role and Linda is a gifted teacher.  God has used us to plant several churches and are currently planting a new church in Tulsa Oklahoma. We also travel to many churches building up the body of Christ through teaching, preaching and prophetic ministry. If you would like to schedule us to come to your church, please contact us for further information.  

RESOURCES is part of our mission.  A new devotional book was released early in 2012 titled "The Focused Life".  We are expanding our resources yearly with the desire to help each of the ministry wings of Link.  See our resource page for more information on what we currently offer.  

For more information, here is a link on this website to each of these wings of Link Ministries.   Please let us know how we can help you.  We want to serve you and help to make you productive in the church, family and marketplace. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.


Thank you again for your partnership and prayers. Without you, we could not be doing what we do.

FOLLOW ME: You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook and keep up with the latest things we are doing as well as some neat pictures. On Facebook look for Philip Stern and on Twitter look for Philink. If you request friendship, you will not be denied.

The POWER OF PARTNERSHIP! The bible gives us the greatest example of partnership when it says "One will chase a thousand, and two will put ten-thousand to flight". Wow, what levels we can reach when we pull together. What potential we have to do greater things when we pool together. I thank God for each one of you who have given to the mission to help the forgotten people in the world. Together, we can make a difference.