The Consulting Link

Phil Stern
Phil has over 30 years of experience successfully consulting people, leaders, and those in the business community. He has been married for more than thirty years and is the father of ten.


The Solution to the Problem
The Training to the Team
The Spiritual with Reality

Our Mission:

  • We are a consulting group that strives to connect real
    answers to the challenges as we work with the leader
    and leadership team.
  • We offer one-on-one consulting with the leader of the
    team as well other team members in the organization. Our
    belief is that a healthy team member will be more productive
    for the organization. CONFIDENTIALITY IS ONE OF OUR
  • We can make our schedule available on a regular basis and arrange hours to best meet you and your organization’s needs.
  • Our goal is to help create HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS AND FAMILIES WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION as well as bring a united team effort to your environment.

How We Work:

    Our hourly basis works much like coaching. We set times we can meet and charge you by the amount of time we spend together.
  • JOB
    If there is a job you need to achieve, such as a training seminar, preparing a team for a new launch, etc - we work on a fee base for the job.
    This is a monthly fee that allows you access to our services all month according to your needs. If the needs increase, the retainer fee is increased (our most popular).

Principals We Build On:

In the building or the re-building of an organization, you must get to the basics. We help to develop the basic four:

    We believe everything is built on FAITH. Believe to Achieve is our motto. When this is our basis, we can build strong companies.
    We teach and train people to do what is right ALL THE TIME. The breakdown of a company is when there is a breakdown of character. We strive to build organizations by helping people develop healthy character.
    We challenge you, your team and organization to develop CORE VALUES that will never change. Healthy vision changes from time to time, but values never change (work ethic, loyalty, trust, respect, etc).
  • TEAM
    You notice there is no I in “team”. We work to develop the atmosphere of a true TEAM! Your attitude will determine your altitude.

Corporate Chaplain:

Corporate chaplaincy makes good business sense. Hundreds of companies are discovering the human resource and bottom-line benefits of having a chaplain on the premises and available by phone in case of an emergency, crisis, or other need. The CONSULTING LINK can help employers demonstrate that they care about those they lead.

The tangible benefits of corporate chaplaincy are numerous: from improved attitudes, cooperation, and performance to increased loyalty and commitment to the job. Decreases in anxiety and stress coupled with greater company loyalty all result in a lower turnover rate and higher productivity which have a direct positive impact on the bottom line.

We Can Help With:

  • Building a faith based, high performing company
  • Priorities and decision making
  • Cultivating people skills in your company
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership begins with attitude
  • Changing the environment of your workplace – one person at a time
  • Five levels of leadership
  • Delegating tasks & developing people
  • Team work that makes for dream work
  • Building an effective team
  • The leaders time – time management
  • Building your business so it changes the world